Rent Control – What is a Sensible Solution for Sunnyvale?

There are many arguments that place the blame on the lack of housing contributing to the increase of rent costs.  What we have seen in Sunnyvale, however, is a rapid increase of housing development yet no relief in rent levels.

The concerns then becomes, how do we as a City and community help address the cost of rents while implementing Sensible Growth, maintain and grow our affordable housing options, and also look at proactive measures that will prevent a sizable hit to the Sunnyvale economy when our current economic upswing tables or worse, bursts, and results in loss of tax revenue from businesses and residents.

A prevailing debate, according to (Arias, Anderson, & Block, 2016) states that: “…rent controls lower the supply of residential rental housing, and thus hurt the poor, the very people supposedly helped by this unwarranted legislation.”

In the case of mobile home owners and residents, there typically are not more mobile home /manufactured home parks being built.  According to (Baird, 2017) on a national level, 15 percent of manufactured-home (mobile) residents are unable to work or disabled. Also, slightly less than 5 percent of manufactured-home (mobile) residents make more than $100,000 per year. The average household income is $28,400.

I speak from personal experience as someone who early in my marriage benefitted from BMR housing in San Jose.  This allowed my family the ability in over a little less than two years to afford to move to Sunnyvale, own a home business and financially support through employment allowing me to provide measurable value to the City of Sunnyvale.  For every claim of someone taking advantage of the system, there are stories like mine that must be considered as I have made it a mission to be an asset to the City of Sunnyvale.

While there is no easy answer, it is clear that something must be done to address this growing issue.  Once elected, I will make it a priority to seek additional community input and a solution that will help manage a very real issue.  One in which we can collectively agree upon, for the betterment of all in Sunnyvale.

Henry Alexander III

For Sunnyvale City Council Seat #1

Working with you, for a change.