Speaking on Open Space

The City Council of Sunnyvale California is introducing an initiative that allows a super majority to vote and decide upon the sale, purchase, lease, or swap of open space and parks. Instead of allowing the residents of Sunnyvale to have a voice, the City Council feels they are best qualified to make all decisions about public and open space. I speak strongly about this decision and fearlessly seeks solutions that would reignite trust in the city and its communities.

“Cloudy-Vale” – The absence of Transparent Government in Sunnyvale?

cloudy sky

The United States Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups (US PIRG) reports that the state of California is tied for the last place in transparency rankings.  We are of two states, (Alaska and California) that don’t have any online capability for the purpose of searching and/or viewing details of expenditures.  In addition, California also does not provide any information on economic development subsidies.

From the micro level, The City of Sunnyvale is even less transparent than its neighboring cities of San Jose and Santa Clara.  Each of those cities has published 2017 salary details while Sunnyvale only posts as recent as 2016?  Isn’t this 2018?

The City of Sunnyvale should be a leader in transparent government.  Some small changes in the culture and policy of secrecy I believe will restore the faith of its citizens of its elected officials and City staff.

The citizens of Sunnyvale deserve visibility on the City’s most significant costs.  There is a distinct need for policies that make available its operating budget as well as its capital budget.

Sunnyvale deserves better.

Henry Alexander III


“Working with you, for a change”

Advocating for Magical Bridge Playground

I am super excited about the Magical Bridge Playground being built in Sunnyvale which will allow kids with disabilities to play alongside their non-disabled peers. and family members.

Before the final budget is approved, I believe that the City should include assistive technology to be a part of the inclusive play environment.  I presented some real ideas about how this can be part of the final plan for Magical Bridge.  Since we are such a tech-centered area, it stands to reason that we implement a technology element to better engage and serve the kids who will play here.