How did this happen? (Part One)

When my family and I moved to Sunnyvale, we really had no idea that we’d become so intimately involved in the city.  I always thought of it as a pretty city, coming from San Jose, but never once did I ever imagine myself living here.

I became intimately involved in the community through my participation with the Ray-Nor Park Neighborhood Association (R.P.N.A.).  I was invited by then President Eugene Garcia (R.I.P) to come out to a meeting at a local church which I begrudgingly attended.  The group left monthly newsletters on our porch and it seemed like an elite club that I had no business being in.

I was greeted by several individuals who had lived in the neighborhood for over 50 years and were passionate about keeping the community and its events alive.  I left that meeting. tricked into being elected as the Secretary, and never looked back.

Since then, I have held every role, outside of Treasurer, for the organization.  This includes being the unanimously voted President of this 60+ year organization twice.

My experience with the R.P.N.A. helped shape who I have become as an advocate for the community and a leader.  Part Two will discuss how I became involved in the City of Sunnyvale as part of the Parks and Recreation Commission.


With RPNA Board at annual RPNA Easter Egg Hunt