Well Hello Again…

By intent, I decided to take a 30-day break before communicating with you all.
I spoke prematurely in my concession in that only a small percentage of the votes had been counted at that point. In total, close to 15K votes were in support of this campaign. While that wasn’t enough to be victorious, what this told me is that 40% of Sunnyvale saw the vision. This was in spite of being outspent 8 to 1 as well as being a complete newcomer. I am truly humbled and I don’t mean that lightly.

Your votes were a clear message that there is a significant number who wanted to see a change. It also told me that the message wasn’t communicated to enough people.

I received hundreds of emails from voters who expressed their disappointment, offered encouragement and hoped that I would run again in the next election cycle. Right now, my decision is to determine how the message of a better Sunnyvale could be a reality on a much larger scale.

With the 15K votes, however, it means that the message will never get communicated without your awareness and your participation. For a majority of Sunnyvale, you only recently learned what most in my neighborhood already knew about me which is that I truly am a servant leader. As issues and decisions arise, I will continue to be “Henry for Sunnyvale” and inform while seeking solutions to work with Sunnyvale. I will remain committed to being a voice for the residents of this City.

How that takes shape is the challenge. I can’t do it alone. But if only a small percentage of you keep aware out of the 15K then just imagine what kind of impact that would make on our day to day lives?

I encourage you to attend Council meetings and hold the individuals who have been elected accountable for their decisions. Please remember that they have promised many things and their 1st priority should always be the residents of Sunnyvale first!

In closing, I hope that we will continue to stay engaged and that we can continue the conversations. I truly believe that we have made an impact that has now put Council on notice that the victory comes as we become more aware and make sure that their decisions are truly indicative of what WE want from Sunnyvale.

I close with a quote in hopes that it will resonate “sacrifice some today to develop more for tomorrow.” -Skip Prichard

Thank You!

Henry Alexander III

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