This campaign started with a spark and now the fire is blazing! The residents of Sunnyvale have clearly spoken: “I’m With Henry”! Sunnyvale has grown weary with the politics of council.

The politics of putting developers’ interest before the residents have made us all feel like we have no voice. Concerns about Public Safety, Increased Traffic, and alleged Financially Influenced Pro-Development Voting have created a veil of mistrust of our elected officials. My opponent has proven that you can trust him to make similar decisions over the next four years that will likely affect the quality of life for our families in a very negative way.

This campaign is different. Being 100% individually financed I am proud to have received the highest financial percentage of every candidate by Sunnyvale Residents!

My plans to pull back, not halt, development and plan for a better infrastructure are the types of long-term plans that will help to create a better Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale, when we are ready to work together we are at our best.

Vote, for a change, this November 6th. Vote for Henry Alexander III for Sunnyvale City Council.

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