In 2016, despite a narrow defeat, Measure M almost passed.

But Measure M wasn’t just about parks it was about the over development in Sunnyvale. Meanwhile, all of the incumbents were voted out of office and in particular, two councilmembers who voted almost 100% for developments.

The zoning code was ignored. The height limit of the nearby properties should have been held to standard. Instead of 3 stories, the decision of reducing this project from a 6 story building to a 5 story was called “a good thing”?

The real way to solve the housing problem in Sunnyvale is to stop approving office projects then more living spaces won’t be needed If I’m elected I will pull back on office projects.

What I’m not is a “no growth candidate” because it’s too important that Sunnyvale continues to thrive. This out of control growth has to stop! My opponent continues to ignore what the people and families want in Sunnyvale and has approved nearly 90% of the developments in our City.

That isn’t what the people of Sunnyvale wants.

As you vote, please consider how much the actions of my opponent affect your daily quality of life.


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