Who’s with me?

Very excited to receive these brand new “I’m with Henry” buttons!

If you are sitting in rush-hour traffic and thinking of the numerous local government decisions leading to the gridlock then you’re “With Henry.”

If you ever ask yourself why on earth should I vote to return these people to office, then you’re “With Henry.”

If you ask yourself if you are being treated fairly and you want a candidate who will represent YOU and not the special business interests then you’re “With Henry.”

Visit my site at https://henryforsunnyvale.com/join-the-henry-for-council-team/ and sign up for my mailing list.

It would really help the campaign if you would be willing to take a picture wearing the button and share it with me.  I will be adding a page with all of my supporters to this site and it will only be special if YOU are a part of it!

This week only I will send you your own “I’m with Henry” button just for signing up!

So who’s with me?


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